This website offers enthusiastic hope to noble parents who are willing to raise noble children! Barbara Falk’s talks (recorded before live audiences) demonstrate that it is indeed possible to raise children of character in our modern culture. Ms. Falk encourages parents to be genuine leaders within their own homes. Leadership, common sense and moral courage are the dynamic attributes she teaches parents to exercise in their daily family life. These entertaining and instructive talks cover an array of relevant topics, offering concrete, practical advice sprinkled generously with anecdotes that show the humorous side of family life.

Believe that parents are the two most important people in their children’s lives. Believe that the most important life skill parents can pass on to their children is an arsenal of human virtues that help them to face daily life. Parents have the power to teach their children to be generous, loyal, honest, patient, respectful, kind, hardworking and grateful. Parents have the power, because they have access to their children. Learn how to nurture human virtues in your children. Learn how to do what is best for children rather than what is easiest.

Giving in to children is easy. Learn when and where the short term pain is worth the long term gain in educating children. Believe that the most valuable tool children need to succeed in life is a strong, noble character. Believe that hardship and suffering can be great teachers if parents coach rather than enable their children throughout the challenges of every day life. Be brave enough to face the areas where your children might be soft. Noble parents want their children to be strong. Parents need to discipline because no coach can raise a champion without sometimes being tough. Parents who act as coaches teach their children to develop healthy immune systems (behavioral not just physical) so they can fight off the infections of peer pressure. Strong immune systems (founded on solid virtues) make children less susceptible to the diseases and infections of our culture.

Learn how to be positive, enthusiastic, affectionately authoritative and willing to impose the gentle reality therapy of behavioral consequences. Learn how to make your noble home a preparation not just a shelter. Learn how to raise children who are primarily givers rather than takers. These talks help parents to ask themselves often:

Will this particular intervention strengthen or weaken my child’s character?
Will this decision nurture a good habit (virtue) or bad habit (vice)?
Will this parental response ultimately help my child to become a better adult… an adult of character?

These talks are available on CD and can be purchased through this website.


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